Backup and Disaster Recovery

Robust data backup schemes that keep your business up and running 24/7

Disasters can wipe your data away if it’s not properly backed up

Putting together a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and installing reliable data backup software is mandatory for small businesses. Without doing so, you’re leaving a critically important part of your company exposed to disasters like floods, fires, or power outages. Trucore specializes in the prevention of and recovery from disasters that can befall your critical business data.

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery service, you won’t have to cross your fingers and hope the next force majeure misses your building. Instead, you’ll be able to rely on a strategic plan that ensures your business data is safe 24/7.

Let Trucore be your partner in disaster recovery, and reap the following rewards:

  • Dedicated help desk support for any data recovery issues
  • Round-the-clock monitoring for your peace of mind
  • Cutting-edge backup software and automatic updates ensure total reliability
  • Comprehensive processes for rapid post-disaster recoveries
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