Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing improves efficiency and provides businesses of any size with massive cost savings

Knowing where to start is the cloud’s hardest part

Cloud technology is an attractive option for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses alike because of the improved efficiency and cost savings that it delivers. The difficulty lies in understanding what can and cannot be migrated and allocating the resources to move your data and applications to a hosted environment. Trucore can fully assess your operations and prepare a detailed roadmap for a seamless transition.

After migrating your business to the cloud, all your data and apps will be accessible over any internet-connected device. This allows your staff to work on projects at any location, at any time. And by backing up your work to our secure cloud data center, rather than hard drives or servers in your office, your business information is safer from both physical and online threats.

What’s included in our Cloud Solutions:

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • Data migration planning
  • Automatic software licensing and updates
  • Robust security precautions across all servers
  • Integration of all your existing software systems
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